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 -  Americana are those objects, antiques, and artifacts created during the 18th through late 20th centuries that are representative of the popular culture and artistic history of the United States.  These items may be associated with a particular individual or event, an antique representative of a particular era during the country's growth and development, or an artifact related to some aspect of the country's culture, industry, lifestyle, or art. 
-  These items, both handmade and manufactured, are no longer commercially available, yet remain in strong demand both
within the United States and abroad.  Americana can evoke profound nostalgia for a particular event, personality, genre, or historical era of the United States.
-  From the Revolutionary and Civil wars through the settlement of the Western frontier, the industrial age through both World Wars, from the birth of Rock and Roll to production of iconic television and cinematic productions, to all modes of transportation, architectural, and artistic expression, the demand and value for such Americana continues to increase while fewer such items and artifacts remain obtainable.  
-  Should you have either a personal or professional interest in obtaining a special piece of Americana, please browse our site for further information on how we may assist you.