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-  Memorabilia Americana provides to our clients high-value objects, antiques, and artifacts related to important eras, events, and genres associated with the history and culture of the United States.  We can assemble a wide variety of antiques to furnish a complete room, a group of representative objects for a generic display, specific artifacts to complete a personal collection, or a singular item of Americana to serve as a coffee-table conversation piece or special gift.
-  We work with professional interior and exterior designers and decorators to meet their own client's needs for unique and difficult to locate items of Americana.  Businesses and educators may also utilize our services to design and develop a smaller and more focused collection. 
-  In cases where our clients have only a general idea of what object, genre, or era of Americana that might be of interest, Memorabilia Americana can offer recommendations and suggestions based on the availability, cost, and difficulty in obtaining a wide variety of objects and artifacts to suit their needs.
-  Should a particular item of interest be unavailable, or if time is of the essence, we can suggest alternatives that may also meet our client's requirements.  Whatever your needs, we very much look forward to working with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.